<p> This page provide three examples to use PHP call R including argument passing and graph display which are the basic functions used for WEB techniques. Each example provides the on-line result. The new version of R can also use <a href="http://thirteen-01.stat.iastate.edu/snoweye/hpsc/?item=rscript">Rscript </a> to simplify the interface between R and PHP. <hr> <ul> <font color="#800000"><b>Simple example:</b></font> <li> Example 1. -- <a href="./trial/ex_1.html">PHP communicate with R</a> <li> Example 2. -- <a href="./trial/ex_2.html">PHP display the plot created by R</a> <li> Example 3. -- <a href="./trial/ex_3.html">More plots created by R</a> </ul> --- <div w3-include-html="../preamble_tail_date.html"></div>