I had only two platform for testing when I wrote this note, so most examples work on Linux and MS Windows and it should be similar on Mac. Some examples only work on Linux and some requirements are specific on MS Windows. --- - <font color="#800000"><b>Binary:</b></font> - <b>Windows</b>: Click <code>rw1071.exe</code> only, by default install to "C:\Program Files\R\rw1071\" - <b>Linux</b>: Require <code>Ghostview</code> and <code>LaTeX/TeX</code>, for mandrake ``` SHELL> rpm -i R-1.7.1-1mdk.i586.rpm ``` By default, it will be installed at "/usr/lib/R/". - <font color="#800000"><b>Execution:</b></font> - <b>Windows:</b> Click from windows "Start" menu. - <b>Linux:</b> ``` SHELL> R ``` - <font color="#800000"><b>Command & GUI mode</b></font> - <b>Quit & Help:</b> `q()`, `help()` - <font color="#800000"><b>Install Packages:</b></font> - <b>Windows:</b> Click menu, <u>Packages -> Install package(s) from CRAN ...</u> - <b>Linux:</b> ``` SHELL> R CMD INSTALL package-name.tar.gz ``` - <font color="#800000"><b>Directory of Installed R and Packages:</b></font> - <b>Windows:</b> "C:\Program Files\R\rw1071\" - <b>Linux:</b> "/usr/lib/R/" --- <div w3-include-html="../preamble_tail_date.html"></div>